5 Wineries That Do It Right!

Darren ByerDarren Byer, Manager of AG Inspired Cuisine, takes a look at 5 wineries in Niagara who are each doing something very special, interesting or… just great! Make sure to try one of the wines mentioned below the next time you are at AG.

The folks at Tawse produce some of the best wine in the region on a consistent basis- and it takes a little more effort and focus for them as they are restricted by the guidelines of biodynamic winemaking. Their wines are lively, flavourful and perfectly balanced. Their Winemaker is one of the most talented, knowledgeable and “down to earth” vintners in the region. Visit the property- you will want to move in to the house attached!

Kacaba is another smaller production winery on the Bench. I love their reds especially- the Bordeaux varietals have structure, acidity and tannin- all of the components to let your wine sit in the cellar and age (we are pouring a 2006 Cab now at AG). I have the most reds from any one winery on the AG list! They also have a small eatery on property that I have yet to try (let us know on Facebook if you’ve experienced this!).

Coyote’s Run
This St. David’s winery was the first and I believe only winery to take a “screwcap only” stance on closures. They are also known for their 2 distinct soil types that straddle the property- stop by sometime and see the difference that soil makes and compare their “Red Paw” and “Black Paw” reds. Whites show minerality, structure and flavour- they have the best Pinot Blanc in the region!

Cave Spring
Set in the small town of Jordan, this is one of the oldest and larger wineries in the region- these folks set the bar for Riesling in Niagara. They produce many of them, but the CSV is the benchmark for Niagara in my opinion- you can pretty much count on a stellar vintage each and every year. Try their Blanc de Noirs sparkling here also- beautiful and rich!

Lailey is a smaller operation in NOTL (Niagara-on-the-Lake). They are located along the Niagara River Parkway and have some wonderful “meaty” reds and some of the most elegant Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs from their old vines series. They also produce one of the only (the only?) Zweigelts in the region that makes a great summer BBQ wine. They are a staple on the AG list.