Updated: October 3, 2014

Beef Tenderloin

Tenderloin of Beef from “Perth County”

Almond brie crust, lemon garlic greens, grape and foie gras jus.39

Roasted Loin of Red Deer

Sweet corn polenta cake, seasonal baby vegetables, rosemary jus, corn salsa.33

Crab Crusted West Coast Halibut

Fresh maitake mushrooms and soppresatta, rainbow swiss chard, “Kozlics” triple crunch cream. 34

Leg of Quebec Duck Confit

Chorizo panzanella salad, roasted baby eggplants, smoked eggplant puree. 33

Beef Tenderloin Tips and Fettuccini Pasta

Oven dried tomato, sweet corn, rich egg yolk noodles, Beau’s Abby and smoked tomato sauce. 24
Trout with Sweet Potatoes

Roasted Lamb Sirloin

Sweet corn and bean succotash, red pepper and thyme puree, toasted caraway flatbread34

“AG” Chicken and Ribs

Cherry wood smoked hen, short rib and roasted garlic tart, couscous goats cheese salad, crab apple and cranberry. 30

Crispy Pan Seared Rainbow Trout

Creamy fennel risotto, pollen roasted fennel and baby carrots, tomato caper vinaigrette. 28