May 2017

AG Busy Bee Honey Factory

AG Inspired Cuisine has taken the initiative to be a good steward of the planet by respecting the circle of life and not just taking out of the system. We started the AG Busy Bee Honey Factory. Bees pollinate about 1/3 of the world's food crops, especially berries and cherries in Niagara-on-the-Lake. [...]

September 2016

Autumn Harvest

Autumn Harvest is in Full Effect! Purple and orange cauliflower, Zebra tomatoes at their peak, last of the cabbage, and first brussels of the season. Plus, fall squash harvest. We hope you like squash in your dessert! Executive Chef Cory Linkson completing the tractor work as the AG team harvests winter squash for cold [...]

June 2016

Progress at the AG Farm

The Freshest Ingredients from the AG farm, to our Kitchen, to Your Plate A lot of progress is being made at the AG farm! Our dedication to Truly Inspired Cuisine can be seen in these wonderful photos. Photo credit goes to Rick "Just Veggin" Jackson our farmer.

April 2016

Seed Preparation

Seed Preparation is Well Underway at the AG Farm This is an exciting time of the year for AG. Executive Chef Cory Linkson and the team at the AG farm are working hard to grow the perfect ingredients for each dish that will be served at AG Inspired Cuisine. The farm aspect is so [...]

First Rhubarb of the Season

First of the season Ontario forced rhubarb! We are very excited about the beginning of the 2016 season at the AG farm. We are already growing incredible ingredients such as rhubarb! The farm is so important in our process of growing fresh ingredients that go from the farm to your plate the same day. [...]